How many calories do models eat in a day?

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How many calories do models eat in a day?

It is known that almost all kinds of models either those participating in runways, or in photo shoots have impossible figures,k and they keep us wondering how many calories do they consume during per day. The answer to that is somewhat between 800 and 3000 cals!

Now before drawing conclusions, let me say that it depends on the occasion, the time, and the reason they have turned to a diet with a particular number of calories. In this article we will find out these numbers in detail.

Calories could vary between:

  • 800-1000 when a model has spent time out of the runway due to a procedure or a pregnancy
  • 1100-1300 when a model needs to lose weight
  • 1300+ when she is following a healthy diet to maintain her weight
  • 3000 when models are in strenuous training programs due to a show or event

What a model eats in a week

Being a model, and especially a runway one, demands that you have a killer-body. This is the reason why Victoria Secret, one of the most well-known model agency has so many requirements from her models. She recruits tall, skinny but sculpted girls with long limbs and impressive looks.

The fact that every single girl participating in the Victoria Secret runway shows has impossible proportions has us thinking about their diet plans. So what does a model really eat during a week?

Also, we need to add that a Victoria Secret model’s diet is a standard diet that many other girls follow like the call girls, pornstars, dancers and escorts.

What is a model’s diet plan?

Basically what each model eats depends on her preference as there are some girls who are vegetarian, pescatarian others who cannot eat meat due to religious issues or just out of taste. So for that matter it is a little hard to satisfy every taste, but right up next, we will present an example of a model’s weekly, healthy but low calorie diet plan.

Models diet day 1

For breakfast there is an all greens juice (or any other kind of smoothie), including lemon, ginger, basil, kale,celery and cucumber and a piece of dark chocolate for energy. For lunch they have a salad made out of peas, broccoli, spinach, zucchini and avocado, dressed with some vinegar and lime. And for dinner, day 1 proposes zucchini pasta with cherry tomatoes and pesto.

Models diet day 2

Boiled or poached eggs with a cup of black coffee, or an egg-white omelette with little to no olive oil and some tomatoes. The lunch menu includes fish of your own preference, with a side salad of cucumber, carrots and bell peppers sprinkled with lime juice. And for dinner once again, veggie pasta (zucchini, carrot or any other choice) with balsamic vinegar and mushrooms.

Models diet day 3

The breakfast for the third day combines yoghurt with granola, almonds and fresh fruit, while lunch offers zucchini pasta with pesto and parmesan cheese. Dinner at this day consists of prawns with steamed vegetables, carrots and artichokes.

Models diet day 4

For this day, in the morning they eat scrambled eggs with little to no oil, with pepper, kale, and a little bit of cheese. Lunch includes sushi at their favourite Asian restaurant and for dinner they have vegetables roasted in the oven.

Models diet day 5

The morning meal consists of a green smoothie or an all green juice as in the first day. For lunch the menu suggests a salad with greens, nuts, a protein (tuna, chicken) and some balsamic vinegar as dressing. For dinner they choose to go for sushi at their same favourite place, but for a smaller portion this time.

Models diet in the weekend

For the weekend’s breakfast they prefer some granola with yoghurt and fruits, or any other dish, as usually they have more time, for lunch they opt for a quinoa salad or a protein based meal like chicken breasts or salmon with vegetables, and their dinner depends on their plans.

Prior to a show or an event, models will adjust their diet so that they avoid particular foods. Some of them are avocado, dairy products and olive oil.

Bear in mind that this is just a small sample of a runway model’s diet, and it is modified according to their preferences, their needs and what their nutritionists have to say.

Of course they have their cheat days, where they have all kinds of foods. Models have a sweet or savoury weakness and they satisfy them from time to time, as they attend social events or parties, and even small gatherings with friends, where they indulge in these weaknesses.

Models eat burgers, fries, steaks, chocolate cakes etc., and they deserve it, as their job is very demanding and they work hard to boost their career, so they deserve a break once in a while.

In addition to that, they work out 4 to 7 days a week, so it is not that difficult to burn these calories after all.

What does a model have for breakfast?

Many scientists and nutritionists support that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This is the reason why no model omits it. Models who care about keeping their jobs but at the same time maintaining their health, choose to have richer breakfasts so that they gain energy and opt for meals with fewer calories for the rest of the day.

Once again, breakfast is chosen according to preference, but here are some standards and all-time favourites.

Models drink smoothies and juices for breakfast

Smoothies and juices are one of the most popular choices for the breakfast of a model, as they are quick to make, can contain any fruit, vegetable or green, can be frozen for these hot summer days and can be consumed on the go. A smoothie contains many nutrients and vitamins and it is enough to keep your stomach full until it’s snack time or lunch break time.

Eggs as a model’s breakfast

In every form, eggs are a great breakfast choice for a model as they are packed with protein, iron, vitamins and minerals. They have few calories and they can be easily combined with vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, spinach etc.

They can be cooked as boiled, poached, omelette, fried (which is a big no for a model) or scrambled and there are a ton of recipes so that you won’t get bored with eating the same brekfast every day.

Models eat granola for breakfast

As a new trend which appeared lately, granola has gained a place in the healthy category of breakfasts, and this is another reason why models choose it. The first reason is that it is very delicious and at the same time healthy. Granola is a combination of seeds, nuts and grains which is baked in the oven.

It can be eaten as cereal with some milk, as a bar or as a topping on yoghurt. The last one is popular amongst models, because it offers hundreds of choices, as long as you have an active imagination.

The combinations are infinite, Greek yoghurt with granola, walnuts and honey or almond yoghurt with granola, godji berries and blueberries, plain yoghurt with granola, chocolate pieces, hazelnuts etc.

How many calories do they consume in order to lose weight?

Sometimes even models have to lose weight, as the scale should show less grams. Sometimes it is fair, as they have really gained some weight and they need to lose 1 or 4 pounds to go back to their sizes but some other times it is totally unfair, as they get asked  to lose too much.

In order to lose some inches, they have to follow strict diet plans for as long as it takes to reach their goal.

Don’t forget that being a model is a job with an expiration date, as models cannot work forever, so they have deadlines as far as losing weight is concerned.

Alessandra Ambrossio’s daily calorie intake

One of the models who has been in Victoria Secret’s agency for a long time, Alessandra Ambrossio, underwent a difficult dilemma back in 2008. She had to follow a 1200-calorie diet after giving birth to her first baby in order to be able to participate to VS show.

Ambrossio did not want to lose the job, so she had to adhere to a strict 1200-calorie diet so that she could  return to the weight she had before the baby in just three months.

Bridget Malcolm’s daily diet plan

Another Victoria Secret model, Bridget Malcolm reported that she had to follow a 800-calorie diet after a celebrity nutritionist suggested it.

She adhered to the diet and managed to lose weight after following it for a couple of months (even though her BMI showed she was underweight), she lost some pounds but also lost her appetite, her digestion and managed to almost ruin her relationship.

After eating healthier and gained the weight she needed to be healthy, she decided to go back to the diet two more times, but after having severe anxiety, panic attacks and managed to ruin her digestive and endocrine system she stayed off the program.

The diet consisted of smoothies, vegetables cooked in steam and some other supplements which the nutritionist’s office provided her with.

Crazy diets

Another model mentioned that she was on a 500-calorie diet for quite a long time, in order to lose pounds and maintain her weight so that she could be a part of fashion week.

She was participating in fashion weeks and in fashion shows and was booking jobs, but after fainting one afternoon she decided to stop torturing herself, and went back to a diet of 800-1200 calories, which helped her gain weight and look healthy.

If you are wondering why would someone follow the instructions of a nutritionist who suggests consuming so few calories and ruin his\her body and health, contemplate on the following.

For some girls, joining the fashion industry is like a kind of an adrenaline rush, where they are willing to sacrifice many things, sometimes everything, sometimes even themselves.

This is why they are in accord with nutritionists saying that they have to follow a 500 or a 800-calorie diet. And most of the times they are too young to know what is at steak when they agree to follow these diets.

They give up on taking care of themselves in order to gain a place in the industry and make “a lot of money”, but later on they regret it because they can now see what it has cost them.

Healthy model diets

Generally, models who aspire to lose weight in order to participate to an event or a specific show, are engaging to diets of approximately 1100-1300 calories.

Apart from the diets, runway models also work out almost every day, especially 2 or 3 weeks prior to a show. When being in a strenuous working out plan, they can be eating up to 3000 calories per day, but they burn them quickly as they work out even twice a day.

What is a male model’s diet?

As far as male model diet is concerned, we have a variety of food choices -again, according to preference-, but the one golden rule is: protein. Modelling amongst men is a different than modelling and runways done by women. Women need to be tall, light as feathers but vibrant and dynamic, while men need to be more “strict-looking”, down-to-earth and robust.

Both categories need to be working out, but in men it has to be obvious, therefore they work out excessively to sculpt their bodies. Their diet consists of approximately 3000 calories, and not all of them have a strict diet to follow as their plans are more flexible.

Conrad Bromfield’s daily diet

Male model Conrad Bromfield claims that he eats only one meal per day. He has a fruit in the morning and then he has his main meal in the afternoon. He also avoids alcohol but if he has to drink something he chooses champagne.

Furthermore, he keeps his diet of one meal per day even before a show or a photo shoot and his golden advice to other models is to consume apple cider vinegar, which has tons of benefits. Lastly, of course he has his cheat days when he eats coconut cake which is his favourite.

Brad Koenig’s and Tyson Beckford’s daily preferences

Another famous male model Brad Koenig consumes 3 boiled eggs in the morning followed by half a cup of rice and black coffee. Later for lunch he has lean protein with 1 cup of steamed rice and unlimited steamed vegetables and for dinner he has 5 cups of steamed rice with again, steamed vegetables. That’s a lot of rice!

Tyson Beckford loves smoothies with apple, kale, orange, grapefruit and celery, and gains protein from the large amount of fish and chicken he eats. Once in a while he eats peanut butter too.

Male model diet plan

If we were to prepare a  draft of a male model’s diet plan it should look something like this:


For the first meal of the day, men prefer to have their carbs, as they will be burnt easier during their workout later. A popular choice would be yoghurt with oatmeal, grains, fruits (bananas, strawberries, apples etc.), dried fruit like raisins, flaxseeds and lastly some flavoured protein powder.

Another choice is eggs, either boiled, poached or scrambled, with a side salad and some whole grain bread.


Depending on each models daily schedule, lunch can be modified to each person’s needs. Some prefer to have a full traditional lunch while others tend to choose something lighter, especially if their breakfast was rich enough. An example of a light lunch would be a salad or some fruit and vegetables like carrots, apples, bananas or celery.

For the old good full lunch, male models would rather have protein-based meals like chicken, turkey or fish with rice or vegetables either steamed or roasted.


For the last meal of the day, models could either have a salad with greens, chopped vegetables like carrots, peppers, artichokes, beans and a protein (tuna, chicken, turkey) or steamed vegetables. Others prefer a full dinner with a steak and rice or leaned meats.


Some excellent snack choices are smoothies, of course fruits and vegetables, nuts and dried fruits, protein or granola bars. Additionally, green tea is a great component into suppressing your appetite and it is also helps in weight loss.

The majority of male models avoid some foods, they swear by something like a general unwritten rule. They stay away from alcohol (if they cannot resist they’d rather have tequila or a vodka soda), processed foods (chicken nuggets, sodas, French fries, hot dogs etc.), sugars artificial or not and they never snack before bedtime.

Male models may not have such a structured meal planning like women models have, but they still have to workout many hours a day and many days a week in order to maintain their weight and body images.

Do not also forget that men have different needs in terms of calorie intake as their recommended daily calorie intake is higher compared to that of women.

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